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Buildable Layouts specialise in timber design, particularly roof truss design PS1's, lintel design PS1's & I-Joist midfloor design.

Extensive Industry Experience

With over 20 years experience in truss & framing design, Buildable Layouts Ltd was founded by Kurt in 2007, with the aim to provide the architectural industry with an expert truss design service.  Our design team can provide truss design PS1's for any application - residential, commercial & rural applications.

 Chances are, if it can be thought of, we have already designed it!

Design Software & Certification

All of our designs are certified by our specialist design software, developed specifically for roof truss & timber framing design.

Buildable Layouts Ltd are registered PS1 providers with councils all across New Zealand.  We take great care to ensure that our truss PS1s meet all council & code requirements, and are accepted by all councils at BC application stage. 

Truss Design 1
Frame Design 2
Floor Design 3

Truss Design

We provide truss design PS1 certification, which is required by council when applying for a building consent.
Truss Design

Frame Design

Buildable Layouts provide lintel design PS1's, removing the need to calculate lintels from tables.
Frame Design

Floor Design

Buildable Layouts are experts at midfloor design, and can provide a design & takeoff for I-Joist midfloors.
Floor Design
Got a project that needs a truss PS1? We can help!


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